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Responsive Web Design

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Greatly improve the user experience of your website and improve your SEO by utilizing a responsive website.

More and more users want to access your site and information about your company from multiple devices – their smart phone, a tablet, their laptop or their desktop computer. A responsive website will enable you to offer a consistent experience for your users across multiple devices.

In addition to an improved user experience, Google likes, I mean LOVES, responsive so you should too. Google knows that many Web users are trying to access websites from their mobile devices and they reward sites that are optimized for mobile.

How can a responsive website benefit you?

  • Responsive Web Design Will Improve Your SEO
  • Your Visitors Will Appreciate The User-Friendly Set-up
  • You Only Have To Track & Maintain One URL

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More Responsive Design Benefits!


You want to please Google, of course, but really you need to provide valuable, relevant information to your users (customers or prospects) via your website. Responsive websites make it easier for visitors to find what they want, when and how they want it. A responsively designed site provides all of your content on all possible devices in a functional way.

You know that mobile sites are important, or at least you do now. But one key thing to remember is that with a responsive website you will have one URL. This simplifies things greatly when changes need to be made to your site, but it also makes things easier on your users. This also benefits your SEO – allowing you to focus your efforts (social shares, etc…) on one domain instead of many.



What is responsive website design?

It is the process of building a website that reformats itself to work and be viewed optimally from any device. Responsive web sites are user-friendly and make it easier for visitors to view your content on small (iPhones and iPads) or large screens without having to scroll or pinch.

How expensive is it to get a responsive website?

adWhite can build responsive sites for as little as $3,500, but the prices can vary from there based on how much design is needed, how many pages, images, links, etc… you have. Contact us to discuss the details of your project and we can provide you with a specific quote.

How quickly can a responsive website be designed and built?

We understand most organizations need things immediately, so we are built to provide our services quickly. Most of our responsive websites can be completed in 10 to 15 business days. However, this timing can change based on the complexity of the project.

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